Welcome to CommuniKids

We are a full service speech-language & occupational therapy practice, with offices in downtown Summit, New Jersey and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Led by Clinical Director Rachel Fisch-Kaplan, a mother of 3 young children herself, and Laura Martucci, Director of Occupational Therapy, we approach each child individually.
After fully assessing your son or daughter's strengths and areas of concern, we design a therapeutic program employing a variety of techniques - all focused on meeting your individual child's goals in a way that is comfortable and productive for you and your family.
From stubborn articulation issues that refuse to resolve themselves to more involved concerns such as Central Auditory Processing and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, our team of professionals is well versed and continually educated in working on most issues that befall the pediatric and teenage populations. As a multi-disciplined facility, we are able to provide co-treatments and back-to-back sessions for our clients in need of multiple therapies.

Our top notch support staff understands the challenges that today's parents face and will bend over backward to meet your scheduling, billing and other administrative needs.

What sets us apart from other therapists?
Here is what parents like yourself have to say:

"Rachel Fisch-Kaplan absolutely changed my life and put my son on the road to academic, social, and emotional success... She takes kids on as her own. Your child won't be just another client - she or he will be treated as a human being -- as a person in need who Rachel will do everything in her power to help. She will also treat you with respect and understanding regarding the anxiety and concern you have for your child... Thanks to Rachel, my boy made the honor roll this year. Had she not delved deeper into what was making his speech problematic, chances are he would be a very frustrated, defeated young boy instead of the confident, happy guy who likes to get to school early!"
Deborah D.
New York, NY
"Up until we started working with Laura and Rachel, we felt as if we were swimming in a sea of misinformation and misleading therapies... The therapists are warm and nurturing, as well as extremely proactive and informative. The most unique quality that separates CommuniKids from everyone else is their compassion...These were the only people that made us feel as though we were not alone in the world of speech delays and sensory processing issues, but rather that we were now part of a very special group of people with the warmest hearts, giving us individualized constant attention and, most importantly, the ability to face the day's challenges with a brighter outlook and confidence that every parent deserves."
Jaime C.
Madison, NJ
CommuniKids’ speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists are fully licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey and are appropriately certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association.